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на весь экран. Добавлена 6 лет Сыграли 3 635 177 Раз Размер 3.04 Mb. Запомни игру ... УПРАВЛЕНИЕИгрок 1: Крестик движение, N to толкать. ',' граната. Игрок 2: WASD движение. 1 t- толкать. 2 - стрелять. 3 - граната. 4 энергия. '.' Набрать энергии. ... Connecting to the Newgrounds Gateway... Connection ...


Newgrounds Rumble with cheats: Unlimited cash.. Your aim in this huge high-intensity brawler is to choose your character and step into the arena to fight Alloy, Pico, Tankman, Alien Hominid and many others!


Disponemos de 1 juegos de newgrounds rumble. Newgrounds Rumble.


Desde macrojuegos.com te presentamos el estupendo juego gratis Newgrounds Rumble. Newgrounds Rumble es un juego de lucha fuera de lo normal, en el que muchos personajes de famosos videojuegos saltarán a la arena para verse las caras.


Description. Take control of multiple characters and pummel your way to victory in Newgrounds Rumble. You can also team up with other players as well. Try to get power ups that occasionally pop out in certain areas.


Newgrounds Rumble is a game submitted by Luis, MindChamber, and NegativeONE on May 29, 2007. It features twelve Newgrounds characters that fight in Super Smash Brothers style matches. Grounds gold is obtained when you complete certain games and can be used to unlock powerups...


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Select 1 of the 9 awesome characters each with there own story and individual attributes and then battle with your opponents to see who is the greatest fighter in Newgrounds Rumble.


Play as different characters, all with their own stories and missions.


3. Newgrounds Rumble. 4. Ninja Brawl. 5. Dragon Fist 3. 6. Bunny Kills 4 Fun. 7. Kill the Spartan.


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