Mike and Antony are excellent footballers; let's give them a run for their money. Другие идиомы: not made of money · take the money and run · salt away (money ) · give it to (someone) · give (someone) the eye · one's money is on (someone) · money talks · give (someone) the runaround · give (someone) their due · give ...


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If you count real costs, it turns out that it is simpler to give away this work to outsourcing. Если просчитать реальные расходы, то окажется, что проще отдать эти работы на аутсорсинг. He never thought to give away money. Он никогда не думал о том, чтобы отдавать деньги. He said why give away something ...

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daccess-ods.un.org. daccess-ods.un.org. Дороти Рейнолдс Раздача денег кажется чрезвычайно приятным занятием, особенно тогда, когда [...] это не ваши собственные деньги. kopienufondi.lv. kopienufondi.lv. Giving away money sounds like a lot of fun, particularly when it is someone else's money. kopienufondi.lv.


give sth away: Определение give sth away: to give something to someone without asking for payment: . Узнать больше.


23 фев 2011 ... Значения фразового глагола give. Give away – дарить (подарки), раздавать что-либо, выдавать (секрет). He gave away the secret. – Он выдал секрет. She gave away all the money to the poor. – Она раздала все деньги бедным. They' re giving away a CD with this magazine. – CD-диск идет в ...


give sth away. — phrasal verb with give uk ​ /ɡɪv/ us ​ verb past tense gave, past participle given. NO MONEY. ​. B1 to give something to someone without asking for any money. отдавать, раздавать. They're giving away a CD with this magazine. SECRET. ​. B2 to let someone know a secret, often without intending to.


Русский аналог: Глупый ищет большого места, а умного и в углу видать. A fool and his money are soon parted .... An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Дословный перевод: Ешь по яблоку в день, и врачу не будет ..... It's better to give than to receive. Дословный перевод: Лучше отдавать, чем получать. Русский ...


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Define give away. give away synonyms, give away pronunciation, give away translation, English dictionary definition of give away. v. gave , giv·en , giv·ing , gives v. tr.


In other words, if she helped me out last year, but did not bill me at that time, I cannot now give her money for that service; it's too late. You will find these rules in the Medicaid regulations of the state in which you reside.


give money definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'give away',give battle',give birth',give chase', Reverso dictionary, English definition, English vocabulary.


Learner's definition of GIVE. 1.


Give away definition: If you give away something that you own, you give it to someone, rather than selling it


Definition of give away phrasal verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.


give away money love. Define. Relate. List.


Give away definition, to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation; bestow: to give a birthday present to someone.


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