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FSAFEDS open season elections are effective January 1, 2013.


#OpenSeason #FSAFEDS.


The FSAFEDS Call Center will stop accepting Open Season enrollments on December 8, 2014, at 9:00 p.m., Eastern Time. If I enroll in fsafeds during open season, when will my election become effective?


The FSAFEDS program is a pre-tax benefit program that is offered to eligible Federal employees through the FSAFEDS Open Season.


For additional FSA details, visit www.FSAFEDS.com. For general open season information, visit opm.gov/openseason.


This BAL provides information on significant plan changes for FSAFEDS, FEDVIP, and the FEHB Program for 2015. This year’s Federal Benefits Open Season will run from Monday, November 10 through Monday, December 8, 2014.


Talk to an FSAFEDS representative. 2014 Guide to Federal Benefits Open Season benefits fair. www.opm.gov/healthcare-insurance/healthcare/plan- information/guides/ Contact your agency HR staff.


Please know, while the FSAFEDS Open Season coincides with the Federal Benefits Open Season, FSAFEDS is administered very differently. Your employing agency does not play a part in the FSAFEDS enrollment process.


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